Dear Vancouver media: Thanks for nothing.

Dear Vancouver Media:

Vancouver, as you know, is in mourning. For our reputation, for those who suffered injury, for the loss of joy at having gone so far in the Stanley Cup. But in the outrage over the hooligans who turned a party into a riot, there hasn’t been any talk about the real instigators of this mess and who is benefitting: YOU.

In the weeks leading up to the final Stanley Cup games, there was constant mention in your newspapers, websites, and evening news programs of the Riot of ’94 and speculation as to whether it would happen again. To anyone with half a brain — which is all those rioters possess — the message was subtle but clear: give us a riot and we’ll give you front page. And a riot you got.

Thanks to you the people of Vancouver have been traumatized, our reputation soiled; businesses have been looted; the insurance companies are out millions; tourism will suffer. Our police department will bear the cost of investigations; our courts will bear the burden of prosecutions. But YOU are making money. Your newspapers are selling like hotcakes, your websites are being flocked to. And, in the epitome of hypocrisy, as you bemoan the loss of our fine international reputation with one hand the other is selling foreign news agencies the very footage that is ensuring our global embarrassment.

You incited this riot. You got what you wanted: a lucrative story.

Are you happy now, you feckless whores?

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2 thoughts on “Dear Vancouver media: Thanks for nothing.”

  1. I’m not sure. I moved to Van in ’95. Probably the same things, though: angry underclass, poor sportsmanship, and alcohol. This one wasn’t caused by the media so much as subliminally encouraged.

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