Self-Publishing Assistance

Self-publishing can be a wonderful experience and opportunity, but equally it can be full of embarrassing and expensive errors. Worse, the field is littered with con artists masquerading as vanity publishers or self-publishing gurus. I can help you separate fact from fiction, navigate the potential minefields, and successfully take your manuscript to publication in print and/or digital format (“ebook”).

I highly recommend you read The Global Indie Author: Your Guide to the World of Self-Publishing, available in print and ebook worldwide, and read its updates on my blog. If you prefer personalized assistance, I can answer your questions about:

Cover of The Global Indie Author, third edition, by M. A. Demers: a blue orb of the world against a blue swirling graphic.

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• book structure

• manuscript editing

• copyright: registration, fair use of copyrighted material, and infringement

• use of trademarks

• other legal issues such as: libel, obscenity, blasphemy, hate propaganda, how-to manuals (legal liability), privacy, image content

• opening and managing an ISBN account

• cover and interior image requirements

• print and ebook technical requirements

• print on demand (POD) options versus short-run printing and self-distribution

• ebook distribution options

• setting up direct-to-retail (Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo, Nook, and Apple) and print-on-demand client accounts (CreateSpace, Ingram Spark)

• royalty payments

• tax treaty paperwork (for non-U.S. authors)

$60.00 per hour billed in 15-minute increments. Consultations in person, by email, or Skype. Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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