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InD’tale Magazine gave Hollywood Hero a 4-star review, and Michelle had a lot to do with that: her editing was topnotch, and I rewrote quite a few scenes per her suggestions. Michelle previously edited Seduced by the Screenwriter, the second novel in my Hollywood in Muskoka series, and built the ebooks and paperbacks for me (alas, she no longer provides those latter services). I appreciate how painless working with her is, her meticulous attention to detail, and what an exemplary job she does. I bow to her excellence! – Madelle Morgan, Hollywood Hero

“After a kickstarter campaign got my mental health book through the writing and design stage, I was stuck without any knowledge of how to navigate the next steps of print on demand self-publishing. Michelle gave me a crash course in everything I needed to know. My confidence made a complete turnaround, and I saw exactly what I needed to do next. My book was launched successfully and I owe Michelle a huge debt of gratitude. Her guidance was invaluable.” – Will Hall, Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness

Wertman“Michelle was amazing! I hired her because her sample edit was head and shoulders above the ones I got back from the other copyeditors I contacted. She returned my full manuscript with effective changes to my prose and incredibly thoughtful comments. And ahead of schedule yet!”  – Janet Wertman, Jane the Quene

“Michelle did a fantastic job editing my first two books, and I was extremely impressed with not only her meticulous attention to detail on the copy edits but also her many wise suggestions and insights in her story edit reports. Her edits drastically improved each book while preserving my individual voice and writing style. I was further impressed with her exceptional professionalism and quick turnaround time, and I will not hesitate to contact Michelle again for my next book!”  – Nicholas Floyd, Seven Nights with Ayahuasca and You Can’t Spell Tokyo Without K.O.

Cover of My Own Damn Camino by Evan Llewellyn“I have had the privilege of working with Michelle Demers on two of my self-published books. Her work is truly outstanding. Michelle is a perceptive, knowledgeable editor with a sharp eye for detail. Whether it is a point of grammar, punctuation or questions of general structure, her advice proved invaluable. In addition, she is a fast, precise and thorough ebook convertor. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to explore the fascinating world of epublishing.”  – Evan Llewellyn, Whaddya Mean a Year in Provence? and My Own Damn Camino

“Michelle is a consummate professional who provided a very meticulous and sensitive edit of my novel, The Last Plane. The subsequent ebook conversions to both ePub and Kindle formats incorporated a crucial mixture of text styles which she integrated flawlessly. Her invaluable knowledge, experience, advice and support about all aspects of self-publishing (including the legal and financial elements) helped me navigate this perilous minefield with ease and confidence. I particularly appreciated her ready accessibility whenever I needed some hand-holding. For my future writing projects, I hope to once again go with a real pro. Thanks, Michelle.”  – Robert Hirzer, The Last Plane

“Michelle’s editing services were invaluable to me. She’s got a hawk’s eye for typos, missing words, and anything in the manuscript that doesn’t jive. As a writer I never see my own typos or mistakes because I read what I think, not what’s actually on paper. Michelle made sure that my manuscript was in tip-top shape before it went to print. If you’re getting ready to publish a book or edit your existing book, do yourself a favor and hire Michelle!”  – Marie Astor, Catching the Bad Guy (Book Two) (Janet Maple Series)

“What impressed me about The Global Indie Author was not just the wealth of accurate relevant information but that Ms. Demers also included ethical issues for the reader to be aware of. I was so impressed that I contacted her for a consultation during which time I discovered her to be so knowledgeable and helpful that I hired her to assist me further in publishing my book, including the design of the cover. Her work was invaluable.”  – Judith Groudine Finkel, The Stooge Gene: Recollections of My Zany Jewish Family

“When I ran into snags with publishing my book I knew whom to turn to. What a sense of relief I experienced as Michelle competently and efficiently managed the myriad of details required to convert my book into the electronic formats and to get the print-on-demand versions onto the market. I just let it go and next thing I knew everything was handled. I cannot recommend her highly enough. What a superstar!”  – Tracy Theemes, The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money

“After finishing writing my book, Lee Shore Blues, I knew that while getting the hard copy from the printers was exciting, from a sales point of view it was more important to get the book into electronic format. My local librarian directed me to Michelle Demers’s book on exactly that subject. I read the book diligently but in the end my lack of facility with things digital as well as my natural inclination to sloth forced me to conclude that I would need help with the conversion to an e-book. It was exactly then that I noticed that Michelle also did consultancy work. We met once, exchanged a number of emails, and it was a ‘done deal.’ Extremely professional, very quick, and to this day Michelle offers me the odd bit of direction when needed. Would I use her again? In a heartbeat. Really, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  – Peter Heiberg, Lee Shore Blues

“In 2014 I hired Michelle Demers to line edit my book, The Ride, convert it into the ebook formats, and help me get them online. I knew nothing about how to do this. I was so glad I hired Michelle to help me. What I enjoyed about the experience of working with Michelle was her wonderful ability to patiently communicate to me what I needed to do to accomplish getting my book epublished. She was there at every step, guiding me and giving me insight into the world of publishing online. I could count on her to answer all my questions anytime I called. I also appreciated Michelle’s work ethic; she’s very intelligent, skilled and knowledgeable. I knew I had the right person for the job, which put me at ease. I truly felt she earned the money I paid for her services. Thank you so very much, Michelle, for helping me make my dream come true … I am now a published author!”  – Irene Nettles, The Ride

“When I published my second book I decided to put both my books on as ebooks. Michelle had just published The Global Indie Author, which I bought and read, but I wanted to spend my time writing so I hired her. The result is that I now have my books on not just Amazon but on almost every ebook site on the Internet. My books now sell in Canada, the U.S.A., England, Japan and many other countries. And it all happens without the costs connected with printing books, inventorying and shipping to a distributor, and then waiting months for payment. This has been a winner, and I thank her. She is a consummate professional.” – Gordon Bitney, Provence je t’aime

“I found Michelle Demers’s book The Global Indie Author to be the best of its genre amongst a number that I looked at. It is particularly helpful for those living outside the U.S. but wanting to address the U.S. market. While I suppose I might have taken the time to learn how to format an ebook version of my latest book, I rapidly discovered that the exercise is not trivial, and I was more than happy to engage her to do the job for me. I am glad to report that I am more than happy with the result.”  – John Madden, The Davey Dialogues: An Exploration of the Scientific Foundations of Human Culture

“I hired Michelle to consult on my self-publishing project and to convert the print book into an ebook. Michelle was prompt, thorough and very professional. I’d highly recommend her for any project.”  – Van Clayton Powel, You Are NOT What You Eat

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  1. Hi, Michelle,
    You helped me publish THE STOOGE GENE in 2013-14.I was very happy with your work. You did the Ebook format and conversion, the custom cover design, the custom interior design and the initial upload. I am interested in having you do the same for my current book AN UNKOSHER DEATH. At the time you had a flat fee. If it is an hourly rate, is there a way you can estimate the cost? What do you need me to send you in order for you to do your work?

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