Finding Inspiration: Fran Forman

Escape Over Siena by Fran Forman, 2007

Escape Over Siena, © Fran Forman, 2007. With permission of the artist.

On my [previous] website I [had] a page of links to Artists Whose Work I Admire; however, search engines find blog posts more readily than content buried in a website, and so I’ve decided to use this space to highlight these wonderful artists whose works inspire me, bring me joy, and in some cases fill me with an unflattering jealousy. Case in point: collage artist Fran Forman.

Years back, in my pre-digital days when I had my own darkroom, I had begun experimenting with photo collages, but sadly the experiments—along with my photography career—were abandoned when I divorced my then husband, Robert, and moved to the U.K. But while the experiments were abandoned the desire to create them was not, and thus I hope that as I develop my skills these images and ideas will bear fruit in my new digital world.

Fran Forman has managed to parlay her often whimsical style into both a career as a visual artist and a practical job as a graphic designer. This I find particularly inspiring, as so often one’s personal and corporate work are required to be worlds apart, and it is the very lucky few who are given the privilege of artistic and commercial integration. But it is Fran’s work itself that inspires me most, and encourages me to revisit my early ideas. So thank you, Fran, for sharing your vision and inspiring others, and for your wonderful talent.

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