Finding Inspiration: Steven Kennard

Lost Orchard Box II by Steven Kennard. Photo copyrighted and courtesy of the artist.

Steven Kennard is a sculptor and wood turner based in Canning, Nova Scotia. His passion is boxes with intricate detailing that becomes all the more astounding when you consider some of his pieces are only a few inches high. He’s also worked collaboratively with other artists, most notably metal artist Elizabeth Goluch.

There is something inherently mysterious about boxes, suggestive of hidden treasure, secrets, and all that is forbidden. A locked box is particularly intriguing: what is so valuable it needs to be secured, or so private it needs to be protected? As a child I remember being particularly drawn to my mother’s jewellery box, perhaps because I associated the trinkets that lay within it with her grown-up world; and when we visited my grandparents’ farm I always wanted (but was forbidden) to crawl into the eaves where I imagined the boxes stored there contained long forgotten but fascinating family heirlooms.

Take a look at Steven’s work and imagine for yourself what treasures or secrets they might hold. And when you’re finished there, you can also take a look at his photography, shot by Steven and printed in collaboration with his wife, Ellie Kennard.

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