Fine Art

My works blur the line between photography and painting through imagery, technique, and printing methods. Digital manipulation obscures the photographic origins of the image, while the use of pigment-based chromium inks and high quality cotton rag photo paper gives the appearance of a pencil drawing or watercolour. My work features vibrant colours and multilayered images blended into composites that transcend the originals.


Available as signed limited editions. Discounts available for multiple prints. All images are also available for licensed use. Please inquire for rates and terms.

Click on the images to view each gallery. For best colour representation when viewing, your monitor should be calibrated to 6500K, gamma 2.2, 120 cd/m2.

Fine Art photograph from the series "Delicate Fractures" by Michelle A Demers.“Angel of Mercy was my first piece of photographic art. I was immediately taken in by its ethereal quality and the fact that it is a product of the Vancouver landscape, a creation of a locally based artist. It currently warms the space above my dining table and has been the topic of many meal-time conversations.” – Andrea Gomez, buyer

FloralFabMichelle A. Demers’ photos “are rich and lively. I don’t really know how she accomplishes the transformation but they [are] stunning – crisp, crystal clear, colourful – and she has a way of emphasizing the rhythm of the petal edges to create a flow in the images that keeps the eye engaged.”  – Kristen Krimmel, art blogger

“I am drawn to the compelling visual compositional and emotional quality of Demers’ work. Sumptuous and haunting, the images speak of a mind and eye keenly attuned to the impactful potential of the image supported by a mature and graceful technical prowess. The result is a startlingly evocative experience for the viewer.”  – Maggie Shane, buyer

Chromium ink prints

All my artworks are printed with chromium inks on 100% cotton, acid-free and lignin-free fine art photo paper.

Unlike conventional colour photographs that fade and turn green with age, chromium ink prints will not fade or change colour for years to come, anywhere from 100 to 300 years depending on the paper and ink combination as well as storage and display conditions. Chromium inks use pigments like those in artists’ paints; these pigments are more stable and long-lasting, an essential feature in the archival process. Chromium ink prints have a greater lifespan than watercolour paintings and lithography, two established fine art mediums, and now rival some acrylic and oil paintings.

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