Delicate Fractures

Delicate Fractures arose from a trip to purchase granite and marble countertops for my home renovation. As I perused the aisles trying to choose between one gorgeous stone after another, I began to see a similarity to the flowers I had been photographing: fabulous colours, delicate veins and intricate patterns that, upon closer inspection, speak of a complexity that is often overlooked because the whole is so satisfying in itself. By combining flower and stone into one image these similarities become apparent, morphing into a composite element that transcends their original states.

Image size 6” x 9” (on 8.5” x 11” paper) or 10” x 15” (on 13” x 19” paper). Limited edition. Sold print only ($100 and $225, + GST where applicable). Shipping fees vary.

(Note: copyright watermark is not part of the final image.)

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