Is Lightning Source refusing to accept new self-publishers?

In an earlier post regarding Ingram’s new IngramSpark, I looked firstly at Ingram’s subsidiary Lightning Source International, its contempt for indie authors, and the consequent difficulties in opening an account. I then looked at Ingram’s new self-publishing portal, IngramSpark, and how it compares to LSI. Now, according to anecdotal evidence and self-publishing guru Aaron Shepard, LSI’s contempt continues: indie authors are not only steered toward IngramSpark as the de facto option, but indie authors who do their research and conclude they would be better off with LSI are being denied access.

Although some authors report making it through the firewall, most indie authors will now find that LSI is closed to them. Instead you will have to use IngramSpark, which for all intents and purposes is LSI repackaged but without the ability to set one’s distributor discount. Again, see my earlier post for details.

UPDATE 29 November 2013: if you go to the Lightning Source website, there is now a clear demarcation for publishers, with “Medium and Large Publishers” sent to Lightning Source and “Independent Publishers” sent to IngramSpark.

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