Third Edition of The Global Indie Author is now available in U.S. and Europe

The third edition of The Global Indie Author is out now in print on Amazon U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. All other territories coming soon! eBooks are also on the way.

As mentioned in my previous post, the third edition features a new cover, new subtitle — to reflect the truly global phenomenon that self-publishing has become — and a great deal of new content (over 80 pages). The technical chapters have been completely overhauled to deal with the complexities of image handling, the increasing frustrations of font handling, and the divergence of ebook technology away from the upload-your-Word-doc-to-Amazon model that the industry was initially built upon. New content includes:

– Spelling for an international audience
– Digital proofreading software
– Increased coverage of the legal minefields of erotica, how-to and self-help manuals, blasphemy, and hate propaganda
– U.S. First Amendment law (what it does and does not cover)
– The use of personal photographs in your book
– Fan fiction and copyright law
– Expanded coverage on acquiring permission to use copyrighted materials; how and when to change or expand that use
– How foreign authors with restricted rights can self-publish in the U.S.
– Cataloging in Publication
– LCCNs and the Library of Congress PCN program
– Publisher Cataloging in Publication
– International Standard Name Identifier program
– Language settings in Word and how this affects your ebook code
– How to clean out unwanted style and font definitions, and problematic stray code from your document
– Adding code for ebook text-to-speech software
– How to create cascading (multilevel) indents, text boxes, lines, drop caps, tables, and image frames in ebooks
– How to use media queries for Kindle books
– How to build an ePub then convert to Kindle
– Creating an advance review copy for Kindle
– New PDF options for print books
– In-depth analysis of the Apple/Big Six publisher ebook price-fixing lawsuit and its hidden effects on indie authors, now and in future
– Analysis of the impending changes to sales tax in Europe and Australia, and to changes already implemented in Japan, and how these game-changing events will affect indie authors, specifically our pricing and revenue
– Charm pricing: what it is and how to achieve it
– Latest global ebook developments
– Latest DRM technology and why abandoning Adobe DRM for watermarking should be the way forward
– Latest global anti-piracy strategies
– eBook lending clubs
– KDP and Kobo pre-orders and other promotional programs for authors
– eBook aggregators: new issues and opportunities to consider when choosing
– Ingram Spark: the new print-on-demand portal for indie authors
– Foreign options for print on demand
– Expanded advice on writing a great book description
– How to use keywords and metadata to your advantage
– Expanded index (print only)

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