What has Kindle Done to Kindle Apps?

I noticed after updates to my Kindle for PC app (not the current 1.9.1 fiasco but much earlier) that the Go to Cover menu item was now greyed out when viewing my novel, Baby Jane, and several other books I purchased last year. Baby Jane was made by uploading an HTML file (created from MS Word); the appropriate “cover” bookmark is in the HTML and when I first published the book last March the Go to Cover menu option worked fine. I have also noticed that the Go to Beginning option is opening the book at Chapter One instead of at the title page where the bookmark is inserted; that is, the Kindle for PC app is ignoring the “start” bookmark and instead is opening to the first item in the table of contents. Yet the Go to Beginning option previously also worked as designed.

Amazon has made changes to the KDP interface so that when you upload your product image (“book cover”) you now have the option also to use it as the book cover inside your ebook file; Kindlegen will now add the cover into the book file, negating the necessity to add it to the Word or HTML document. You are instructed, however, to “uncheck this option if your book file already includes [a cover].”

Moreover, Amazon is still instructing people to add these bookmarks to their Word documents and to add a cover into their Word document.

This all suggests to me that Amazon has made a substantial programming change which has had unintended consequences for older books and possibly new books made using Word-to-HTML; another bug, if you will. But is this problem confined to the Kindle for PC app or does it also affect newer Kindle devices?

I sent off a query to Amazon about this ages ago and never received a reply. I sent off another query today and will report back if and when Amazon answers. In the meantime, if you own a newer model Kindle I’d like to hear from you if you are now having issues with the Go to Menu options in older ebooks.

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